The HSRC is committed to creating cutting-edge research which supports development nationally, in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and in Africa is evident, but it is our commitment to the dissemination of that research that demonstrates the remarkable and measurable impact of our work.

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24th World Congress of Political Science

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Dr Palesa Sekhejane/NANO Bio scientist: "It is still difficult to get into Biomedical Technology."

5 May 2016 | Call to nominate outstanding young scientists to young academy

The South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) is accepting nominations for New Members.....

18 April 2016 | HSRC appoints human rights expert

Rachel Adams, a senior researcher for Civil and Political Rights at the South African Human Rights Commission, has been appointed as a chief research ....

1 April 2016 | Study choices and employment transitions among Rhodes and Fort Hare university graduates

A poor schooling background follow students right through university and graduation and influences their chances of finding employment, especially if ....