The HSRC is committed to creating cutting-edge research which supports development nationally, in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and in Africa is evident, but it is our commitment to the dissemination of that research that demonstrates the remarkable and measurable impact of our work.

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24th World Congress of Political Science

Panel on the WSSF 2015 at the CODESRIA General Assembly.


27 August 2015 | HSRC's Library and Information Services at IFLA World Congress

The HSRC’s Library and Information Services (LIS) spent the week of 15 to 21 August attending the 81st International Federation of Library Assoc....

17 August 2015 | An overview: rights-related cases in the Constitutional Court

Some believe the courts could adopt a more activist-based approach and push for a quicker pace of transformation where the state is lagging behind.....

7 August 2015 | Urbanisation in Africa, Prof Ivan Turok shares his thoughts

In this episode of In Focus we explore urbanisation in Africa with Prof. Ivan Turok, the Executive Director of the Economic Performance and Developmen....