Enterprise Risk Management

The HSRC has established the Enterprise Risk Management unit headed by the chief risk officer to ensure that it has and maintains an effective and efficient system of internal control and risk management, driving the board’s initiative to build a risk-intelligent organisation.

The HSRC Board and the Chief Executive Officer have delegated risk management responsibilities, in terms of section 56 of the PFMA, to the Chief Risk Officer, who is the head of the Enterprise Risk Management Unit.

  • To ensure that the HSRC has & maintains an effective, efficient & transparent system of risk management - PFMA S51(a)(1);
  • To take effective and appropriate steps to prevent irregular expenditure, fruitless & wasteful expenditure, losses resulting from criminal conduct, and expenditure not complying with the operational policies of the HSRC - PFMS S51(b)(ii); and
  • To comply and ensure compliance by the HSRC with the provisions of the PFMA and any other legislation applicable to the institution - PFMA S51(1)(h).

Based on this mandate the following objectives for the ERM Unit were developed:

  • Raising awareness of risk management and ensuring that guiding documents are developed in compliance with applicable legislation and prescripts;
  • Risk identification, assessment and risk response at organisational, programme and functional levels of the HSRC;
  • Identification of compliance areas in key applicable legislation and prescripts, assessing compliance levels and reporting;
  • Maintaining whistle-blowing, infrastructure and facilitating management of conflict of interest;
  • Supporting and championing the development of HSRC Strategic Plan Annual Performance Plans and performance reporting;
  • Identification and management of health and safety risks, injury prevention, reporting and management of incidents as well as compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act.


Rosina Mabuse

Office of the CEO (ERM)

TELEPHONE: +27 (0)12 302 2804

EMAIL: rmabuse@hsrc.ac.za