Corporate Brochure

The updated HSRC Corporate brochure is available for download below:

The Human Sciences Research Council, a statutory council dedicated to conducting human and social science research, was established in 1968 by an act of Parliament. In 2008, the democratic government of South Africa, endorsed the status of the HSRC through Act 17 of 2008. This Act guaranteed the continued existence of the Council.

It also entrusted to us the responsibility of conducting and promoting social science and humanities research that is in the public interest. With this istinct mandate, the Council has become one of South Africa’s leading research institutions.

We have a strong global footprint and well-established strategic partnerships, both in Africa and across the world.

In terms of the mandate determined for us by our statute and by other legislation, the HSRC promotes and undertakes public interest research. This research aims to advance South Africa and Africa’s understanding of and engagement with its social conditions and the particular contexts within which these social conditions occur. The knowledge we generate seeks to ontribute to local, regional and global understandings of the human and social conditions of people, and the processes and interventions which will assist in the improvement of their social standing.

The HSRC therefore aims to be a hub of knowledge production, translation and dissemination for policymakers as well as the broader public. We have offices in Gauteng (Pretoria), KwaZulu-Natal (Durban and Sweetwaters), Western Cape (Cape Town) and Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth).