Mission, Vision and Values

The HSRC is pursuing a new vision that positions the Council as a global centre of excellence in the human and social sciences; focusing on the pressing issues facing South Africa. The HSRC seeks to play a bigger role on the African continent – building on AISA to bring an Africa lens to the Council’s work.


The HSRC will be a national, regional and global leader in the production and dissemination of transformative social science and humanities research in the interests of a just and equal society.

Mission statement

The HSRC produces leading-edge policy research, through engaged scholarship, to utilise in understanding and explaining social conditions and informing social change for inclusive growth in communities.


Respecting equality and embracing ideas, speaking out against discrimination of any kind.

Critical friendship
Pursuing non-partisanship but collaborating with all stakeholders, including government.

Conducting business honestly, diligently and underpinned by ethical principles.
Embracing, but not abusing, intellectual freedom.

Treating colleagues, stakeholders and members of the public with dignity and humility.
Observing organisational policies and processes.
Preserving the environment and natural resources.

Undertaking leading-edge research while remaining relevant.

Creating a safe and supportive working environment for colleagues.


Social science that makes a difference