Communities of Practice

Central to the HSRC’s vision of being a knowledge hub for the human and social sciences in South Africa and the rest of the African continent, are the following:

  • networks and collaboration with partners,
  • the dissemination of information and data, and
  • the sharing of knowledge and expertise with various stakeholders.

In the virtual world, this collaboration is epitomised by websites known as “communities of practice”. These websites serve as networks, platforms upon which to share ideas, generate new knowledge and transmit it to others. The websites may service a network of scientists who share and collaborate in investigating specific research questions and in developing recommended solutions for policy makers by:

  • facilitating the sharing of their data and ideas, 
  • providing a dissemination channel for their outputs
  • providing a central place where these experts may gather.

Current HSRC COPs

P>AN (Policy > Action Network)

PAN: Children

SAHARA (Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance)

African Early Child Development Assessment

3Rs (literacy numeracy)

JLICA LG1 (Joint  The Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS)

YPI (Youth Policy Initiative)

HRD Data Warehouse (education, employment and skills)

Other HSRC-related websites

There are several other websites linked to HSRC projects and programmes. These include:

Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA), a division of the HSRC

South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) incubated at the HSRC, now with the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS)

Labour Market Intelligence Partnership (LMIP)

Trends in International Mathematics and Science SA

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA)