PAN: Children portal

PAN: Children portal

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PAN:Children is an online knowledge-hub complemented by dialogue and capacity building activities. We seek to provide timely and up-to-date information on child rights and equity. A partnership between the HSRC and UNICEF, this platform aims to provide a consolidated digital repository on the situation of children in South Africa.

Principles and Beliefs

• There is a growing belief that knowledge-sharing plays a pivotal role in placing children’s rights on the political agenda.

• Increasing the use of evidence-based policy making contributes to addressing systemic constraints in achieving the fulfillment of child rights, • Sharing experiences and knowledge by stimulating dialogue and debate amongst stakeholders thus contributes to better policy-making.

• In South Africa, a gap typically exists between the research community and the policy-making community, but the notion of evidence-based policy making is gradually taking hold

• There is a need for research or information to be appropriately packaged and disseminated in order for it to be useful.