The Fatherhood Project

The Fatherhood Project

"The Fatherhood Project is about the love that children need. But it is also about the need that fathers have to love."

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The Fatherhood Project aims to recognise, encourage and support men's care and protection of children. Many people grow up without their biological father, but we all have an idea of what a father should be.

In the absence of a biological father, the father's role is often performed by older brothers, grandfathers, uncles and cousins, friends, teachers, preachers and health care workers. And, of course, by mothers too.

The Fatherhood Project acknowledges that men are often absent, neglectful, abusive and sometimes brutal. They may be self-absorbed and taken up with their own interests and careers. We know that some South African men commit acts of extreme violence against women and children. This is the dark side of fatherhood in our country.

It is also true that millions of children don't know their fathers and that many don't enjoy the protection and care of a substitute father. And yet, in a country where the image of men has taken a beating, where the absent father is the rule rather than the exception, positive images of fatherhood nevertheless remain alive in the minds and yearnings of people, young and old.

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