BRICS Research Centre

Who we are

The BRICS Research Centre (BRC) is an HSRC research unit dedicated to conducting, coordinating, facilitating and managing multidisciplinary BRICS-related policy research on behalf of the HSRC, ensuring that such research contributes towards policies for immediate, concrete impact on the strategic economic, social and geo-political policies of the country.

BRICS Research Centre website

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What we do

The main function of the Centre is to provide technical and institutional research support to public, private and civil society institutions for the formulation of relevant BRICS-related policies and development programmes.  The Centre coordinates the HSRC's commitment to promoting policy research conducted in South Africa and the BRICS countries that focuses on current policies, their implementation and their impact. In keeping with this role the Centre actively supports the HSRC's input into the way in which public policies affect the well-being of ordinary people in Africa and the other BRICS countries.

The Centre also supports the HSRC's aim of co-operating with various local experts and organisations in order to strengthen and build the analytical and scholarly capacity for BRICS policy research. Thus the Centre assists the HSRC in convening academic, public, private and civil society fora to discuss BRICS policy. Such fora are intended to promote an exchange of ideas among academics and researchers from the five BRICS countries, South African researchers, key partners in the country and in the African region, policy makers, programme planners, NGOs, community groups, and multilateral agencies.