HSRC support

Our support for HSRC BRICS-related activities

The Centre also assists the HSRC in:

  • Consolidating formal links and collaborations with research organisations in BRICS member states;
  • Preparing and coordinating related meetings, research seminars, public engagements, lecture series, public policy dialogue, and consultation forums.
  • Producing evidence-based policy briefs and interacting with key users, including government departments and agencies.

Other related support includes:

  • Identification of gaps in research and the development of a systematised and integrated BRICS-related international relations research agenda;
  • Facilitation of networks and information sharing within the wider research community in South Africa, in the region and within BRICS;
  • Identification of skills required to analyse policies and of ways to strengthen institutions and international partnerships; 
  • Maintenance of a web portal on BRICS-related policy research; 
  • BRICS research conferences; 
  • Regular public seminars and public lectures; 
  • Discussion forums for policy makers and researchers.