International Liaison

The International Liaison Office supports international research relationships, institutional collaborations and visits in the international social science arena. It aims to facilitate the HSRC’s social and scientific outreach to SADC, the rest of Africa and the wider international community, including counterpart science councils and foreign governments, to secure research partners for HSRC research initiatives.

The office, headed up by Ms Bridgette Prince, will lead HSRC involvement in the NEPAD research agenda and partnership initiatives and identify and access opportunities for research funding and technical assistance from international donors, foundations and funding agencies in collaboration with the Business Development Director.

It supports and co-ordinates the international exchange of research scholars between the HSRC and abroad, as well as assist in establishing technical assistance programmes. This office will ensure the representation of the HSRC on various international research forums and structures.

HSRC researchers share and learn with their peers inside and outside of South Africa. Our effort to work with fellow Africans on the continent was maintained with 31% of our 2007/2008 research projects - with a budget of R1 million or more - being done collaboratively with researchers in other parts of the continent.

The HSRC's participation in activities of the International Social Science Council and UNESCO's Social Transformation Programme are some of the examples that show our ability to share and learn beyond Africa's borders as well.

International briefs

The HSRC has developed an International Brief to keep you informed of our international activities. This newsletter will reach you on a quarterly basis. 

Visit the International Brief page.