Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators

CeSTII, at a glance

The Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators is a statistical and policy research unit located within the Human Sciences Research Council.

Established in 2001, CeSTII:

  • conducts national R&D and innovation surveys on behalf of the South African Department of Science and Innovation ›, and,
  • produces national indicators and analysis from survey results to provide inputs for policy makers, and a basis for international comparisons.

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Global methods, local context

The Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators adapts best practice international methodologies for measurement of science, technology and innovation (STI) indicators. Surveys we conduct on a regular basis include:

  • South African National Survey of Research and Experimental Development (R&D Survey)
  • South African Business Innovation Survey

Latest results

Studies we have worked on collaboratively with national and international partners include:

  • Baseline South African Agricultural Business Innovation Survey, 2016-2018
  • Survey of Innovation in the Informal Economy
  • Engagement and Inclusive Development: Building the Interactive Capabilities of Universities and Science Councils
  • South African National Survey of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer in Publicly Funded Research Institutions: Inaugural Baseline Study, 2008-2014
  • South African Survey of R&D in Agriculture, 2010/2011
  • African Innovation Outlook

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From data to policy

The Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators works at the research-policy nexus, informing decision-makers across sectors, both nationally and internationally.

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A cartoon developed by James Durno at the 2017 South African Innovation Summit interprets the mission of CeSTII's business innovation survey as integral to the policy process. [Photo used with kind permission from the copyright holder.]