Innovation Survey

Cover of the Innovation Survey 2008

The Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators is commissioned by the Department of Science & Technology to conduct the official South African Innovation Survey, as part of the Department's effort to establish a baseline set of science and technology indicators for monitoring, reporting on, and fine tuning the National System of Innovation. The first survey was conducted in 2005 and released in 2008, the second followed in 2008 and was released in October 2011.

The next survey is currently underway and information about it will be posted shortly. Please have a look at the 2010-2012 FAQs booklet below for more info.

Presentations from the workshop on the review of innovation measurement in South Africa (21 November 2011) 

Innovation Survey 2008

The Final Innovation Survey Report 2008 is now available.

The Final Innovation Survey 2005 report published by HSRC Press is now available.  This is a free download of the report in its entirety or by section. A hard copy version can be purchased online if preferred.

Download the PDF booklets:

The Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators also conducts the annual National Survey of Research and Experimental Development (R&D) and the two surveys complement one another. The aim is to build a national database of R&D and innovation data compliant with international practice for preparation of indicators and reports. South Africa can only be taken seriously in science and technology (S&T) if we have regular and reliable survey based data on Innovation & R&D to report on the development of the NSI.

The broader objectives of the South African Innovation Survey 2005 were to:

  • produce a set of internationally comparable data and indicators for  providing insights into the patterns of innovation in the mining, manufacturing and services sectors in South Africa
  • collect information on the sources and resources for innovation in enterprises
  • provide an indication of  the extent of public funding for innovation activities that is taken up by enterprises
  • draw national and international comparisons of innovation intensity
  • obtain an understanding of the importance of R&D and non-R&D based innovation in different sectors

The most recent survey is closely based on the fourth round of the European Community Innovation Survey (CIS4) and the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators has worked closely with the OECD and Eurostat in this regard.