Research support, planning and coordination

Research support, planning and coordination

The Research support, planning and coordination in the Office of the DCEO: Research comprises three sub-units namely Research Ethics and Research Integrity, Research Coordination and Strategic Partnerships, as well as Institutional Planning, Performance Management & Reporting.


To promote and help implement the stated values and mandated objectives of the HSRC.

Research support, planning and coordination promotes and helps implement the stated values and mandated objectives of the HSRC. The unit supports the CEO and DCEO: Research in the context of research coordination and planning across the HSRC, and provides institutional support for the responsible conduct of research, with particular reference to research ethics, research integrity and research quality support.

As it states in the HSRC Strategic Plan, as an institution, the HSRC will strive to:

  • Be a scientific research organisation, with work viewed as authoritative and non-partisan;
  • Use its Parliamentary grant and public funding to undertake and promote research that will:
    • benefit all the people of South Africa, particularly marginalised groups, and
    • promote human well-being and the achievement of social justice;
  • Collaborate in the course of its work with relevant groupings including government, higher education, donors, NGOs, media and advocacy groups, while maintaining its independent identity;
  • Be guided by its Code of Ethics, policies and procedures to integrate ethical principles into day-to-day activities and decision-making of the organisation.

cf. HSRC Strategic Plan

Main areas of work

Research Coordination: Support to DCEO (Research) for:

  • Research planning within HSRC 
  • Intra-HSRC coordination and collaboration
  • “Pro-active performance reporting”: Research Programmes
  • Coordinated responses to requests or assignments 

Contact Christa Van Zyl on +27 (0)12 302 2014


Research Ethics and Integrity:

Support HSRC and the broader research community by:

  • Providing an enabling framework and (policy) guidelines
  • Supporting awareness-raising and capacity building
  • Ensuring well-functioning support structures:

HSRC Research Ethics

Contact Khutso Sithole on +27 (0)12 302 2012