Policy briefs and articles

Policy briefs

Liquid fertiliser by combining decomposed manure and plant residues. Locally designed innovations are often based on local needs and
local demand.

Towards the end of Phase 2 the RIAT team compiled two policy briefs on rural innovation and social innovation in rural areas. These are available for download, as is an earlier policy brief on technology use in eight rural areas:

  1. Promoting innovation for inclusive rural transformation in South Africa Tim Hart, Peter Jacobs, Brigid Letty, Kgabo Ramoroka, Hlokoma Mangqalaza, Alexandra Mhula and Makale Ngwenya (October 2014)
  2. Social innovation in South Africa’s rural municipalities: Policy implications Tim Hart, Peter Jacobs, Kgabo Ramoroka, Hlokoma Mangqalaza, Alexandra Mhula, Makale Ngwenya and Brigid Letty (March 2014)
  3. Technological initiatives for rural development: Evidence from eight comprehensive rural development programme pilot sites Tim Hart, Michael Aliber, Brigid Letty, Mandla Msibi, Mompati Baiphethi and Zenele Nxele (March 2012)

Briefing notes

A number of short publications, which appear in the HSRC Review, are also available for download as briefing notes.