Education and Skills Development


The goal of our research is to contribute to the development of educated, skilled and capable South Africans to promote human development and support an inclusive economic growth path.  We want to create a better South Africa, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. To this end our research enables an improved quality of education and a skilled workforce, free from inequalities.


We deliver research expertise in fields of education and skills development focusing on projects that address national education and skills priorities and contribute to developing government policies that can improve the quality of basic education for all and redress gender differences and inequalities.

A set of transversal themes lend coherence to the programme:

  • Education and training for development, with an emphasis on understanding how contexts, policies, institutions and systems shape and
  • distribute educational and training opportunities 
  • Ensuring equitable access for individuals to basic, intermediate and high-level learning and skills 
  • Skills and capability development in educational institutions and firms in the context of changing technological opportunities and a knowledgebased economy
  • Transitions through education and from education to the world of work.