What We Do

We have skills to undertake research in:

  • Schooling and education, from grade R to 12, with a focus on acquisition of knowledge, skills and capabilities through teaching and learning.
  • Research includes teachers and teaching, achievement outcomes, assessment practices and assessment and accountability systems
  • Intermediate skills and capability development, focused on the technical and vocational education and training delivered through
  • institutions such as FET colleges, Learnership, apprenticeship and ABET programmes 
  • Higher education and high skills development focuses on access to and success in higher education institutions and firms. With the
  • changing role of universities, research will be undertaken on the developmental role of universities 
  • Training and capability enhancement in firms, in local, national and global contexts.

Core Strengths

A major strength has been working at the interfaces of education, training and skills development in a range of institutional settings.  The programme is well positioned in its current suite of projects and expertise to conduct research that addresses the national priorities.

How We Make A Difference

Our research programme focuses on national priorities related to both an improved quality of basic education for all, and a skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path.

Education and skills development promote individual, social and economic development and are key to the exercise of citizenship. High quality education, appropriate competencies and capabilities held by individuals are a prerequisite for growth, development and citizenship, which in turn can afford more people the opportunity to learn and contribute to a productive society.

Contact details: +27(0)31 242 5428