eResearch Knowledge Centre

The eResearch Knowledge Centre (eRKC) is a research enabler that provides innovative knowledge services to the HSRC’s research community and its stakeholders We enhance the HSRC’s research capability through information provision, geospatial analytics and digital curation.

We enhance the HSRC’s research capability through innovative:

This is done within an eResearch context that is characterised by rapid global technological change and innovation in the research environment – taking cognisance of the opportunities and challenges related to Open Science, data intensive research, access to vast quantities of digital information resources and tools, as well as the importance of demonstrating increased research impact.

The eRKC is a partner in the research endeavour through embedded knowledge services that contribute to the realisation of the strategic research goals of the HSRC. We facilitate sustainable electronic access to the HSRC library collection in print and electronic format, the Research- and Data output collections of the HSRC, and a comprehensive collection of subscribed and Open Access eResources.  In an era of easy access to potentially fake information, the unit supports research and study endeavours of HSRC staff through literature research support as well as -retrieval and -supply services of relevant, trusted information resources.

By using geospatial tools and analysis, the eRKC provides insight and spatial understanding to socio-economic challenges.  Sample design advice, spatial data-analysis - and mapping services enable HSRC researchers, the public at large and enhances the HSRC research output.

Through its digital preservation services, the unit manages and shares the HSRC’s research data and
output collections with the HSRC and the broader research community.


•    Library collection
•    Special and rare book collection
•    Journal collection
•    Research outputs collection
•    Research data collection
•    HSRC Archive collection

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