Group Executive for Shared Services

Crystal Abdoll is the Group Executive Shared Services as well as CFO of the HSRC.

Abdoll has previously occupied the position of Chief Audit Executive (CAE) at PetroSA (SOC) Ltd where she managed an effective internal audit department.

In her role as CAE she partnered with senior management and the board to drive accountability, responsibility, and transparency; consult on optimising processes and technology and provide independent assurance in respect of governance, risk management and control (both operational and financial) processes.

Abdoll's accomplishments as the CAE at PetroSA includes:
•    The development and implementation of a robust internal audit methodology that included knowledge transfer to clients in identifying and testing internal financial and operational controls on a sustainable basis to strengthen the combined assurance model;
•    The establishment and retention of an internal audit team comprising financial, taxation, process, technical, Information technology, Safety Health Environmental and Quality, and data analytical skills to meet the diverse requirements of the business;
•    The identification, recruitment and development of young professionals who were subsequently released into the organisation in senior and/or critical roles after working in the internal audit department for a period of at least two years; and
•    Effective open lines of communication between the audit function, the chief executive officer and the audit committee chairperson, underpinned by respect for reporting protocols, the independence and objectivity of the internal audit function and ongoing awareness of stakeholder needs.

Abdoll has also acted as a Specialist Audit Committee member at the HSRC for the past five years where she has made a meaningful contribution and have served on a number of audit and finance committee.

She was recently appointed as a member of the Audit Committee at the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries. 

She understands benefits of governance, its evolution and the critical role it plays in driving an organisation’s performance in a sustainable manner. Her experience and expertise cut across the areas of corporate governance, risk management, financial management and reporting, accounting, internal and external auditing, the Public Finance Management Act, Treasury Regulations and compliance. Abdoll’s effective interpersonal skills, ability to work with, develop and lead diverse teams as well as her knowledge and experience in both the private and public sectors will assist her in effectively discharging the Group Executive: Shared Services role at the HSRC.