SAHARA focus areas

Focus areas

SAHARA's activities include:

Identifying key stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa and increase wider dissemination of the research papers and reports to policy-makers, programme planners and other researchers.

Interacting with key users, including respective government departments to identify gaps and develop a systematised and integrated agenda for HIV/AIDS social and medical research in sub-Saharan Africa.

Facilitating prioritisation of the HIV/AIDS social research agenda through a consultative mechanism.

Facilitating networking and information sharing within the wider research community in South Africa and the sub-Saharan region, with a view to increase the number of multi-country, multi-research teams to conduct research. Visit the SAHARA Conference webpages.

Identifying and making case studies public to form the basis of 'best practice' research and intervention.

Identifying those skills required for research and ways of strengthening institutions and international partners to dedicate time to social science research.

Identifying baseline information necessary for planning targeted intervention programmes and agreeing on harmonising standard monitoring and evaluation tools in the region.

A UNAIDS Collaborating Centre on HIV Prevention Research and Policy