Prof Thierry M Luescher; +27 (0)21 4668093/7994
Mr Nkululeko Makhubu; +27 (0)21 4667880

Other current and former project contributors: Dr Omar Badsha (SAHO), Ms Leigh-Ann Naidoo (Wits/UCT), Prof Lis Lange (UFS/UCT), Mr Taabo Mugume (UFS), Mr Carl Collison (M&G), Dr Shose Kessi (UCT), Prof Tanja Bosch (UCT), Dr Denyse Webbstock (CHE), Ms Genevieve Simpson (CHE),  Mr Ntokozo Bhengu (CHE), Dr Angelina Wilson Fadiji (HSRC), Dr Buhle Khanyile (HSRC), Mr Anye Nyamnjoh (formerly UCT, now Cambridge) and Mr Antonio Erasmus (HSRC).