Project background

Funding for the project was initially awarded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation to the University of the Free State in December 2016. When the principal investigator, Prof Thierry Luescher, moved as Research Director for Higher Education to the Human Sciences Research Council in 2017, the project moved to the HSRC.

Major research and archiving initiatives include:

  • The development of an online archive of pictures, video-clips and documents from the student movement collected by and hosted at South African History Online.
  • The launch of major research outputs in 2020 as part of a ‘five year anniversary’ of the start of #RhodesMustFall, #OpenStellenbosch, #FeesMustFall and so forth, including a launch of a book, a photo exhibition, and a series of video-clips.

Since 2019, parts of the project are also supported by the National Research Foundation.