Who We Are

This new multi-disciplinary programme aims to provide evidence-based understanding of the socioeconomic determinants of health and general health status of the South African population as well as research and development, and innovation. Our goal is to develop innovative ideas, products and research tools that inform and guide policy on innovation systems, research and experimental development (R&D), the social determinants of health, development of a knowledge based economy, optimal access to health care, and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases in order to help develop a healthy and safe living environment for South Africans.

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How We Make A Difference

Through our research we will continue to better describe the National Innovation System in South Africa and contribute to the improvement of health and development of all South Africans and Africans as well as to build our research competency, excellence and outreach in our areas of expertise.

Contact details: +27(0)21 466 1218