What we do

The centre is an end-to-end hub of research methods - from conceptualisation of research projects, analyses and reporting of data to disseminating data for re-use.

The RMDC consists of three units, namely Fieldwork and Data Capturing (FDC), Data Analyses (DANA) and Data Curation (DCUR) and provides fieldwork and data capturing services, data analyses (statistical, demographic and econometric) and data curation services to all HSRC research programmes.


We contribute to the research process through the following activities:

  • Conceptualise relevant and efficient study designs to respond to specific research questions
  • Contribute towards development of quantitative data collection instruments
  • Provide support on statistical, demographic and econometric analyses techniques to relevant research
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative data capturing services to all HSRC research programs and external clients
  • Develop a quantitative and qualitative data collection of high re-use value that speaks to the priorities of a developing country
  • Promote and provide best practice in terms of data management standards
  • Conduct methodological (statistical, demographic and econometric) research that aims to contribute to knowledge and advancement of scholarly research