What We Do

SAPH undertakes applied social sciences and public health research on HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB. We also provide experiential training to young researchers and expert consultation to government, civil society organisations and international agencies on these issues.

How We Make A Difference

SAPH's research is both cutting edge and policy relevant. For example, its flagship project is the triennially conducted population-based household surveys which started in 2002 during a time when such research was not favourably looked upon by some policy makers. We are now about to undertake the fourth (i.e. 2011/12) HIV survey in the survey series. 

The HIV survey data is considered as critical information required by the country to help inform the development of sound policies and programmes to fight against the HIV epidemic in the country. The surveys are now an integral part of the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of NSPs on HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB in South Africa by SANAC and its partners.

We also provide useful data on some UNGASS and MDGs indicators for South African national reports. Moreover, our survey methodology has also been replicated in a number of neighbouring African countries.  

Furthermore, SAPH also conducts intervention research and programme assessments that aim to improve the lives of South Africans as well as people in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

We provide a reliable national, regional and international resource for evidencebased research to prevent new infections and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB.

Contact details: +27(0)21 466 7946