Research Outputs

Over the years the following outputs have been generated by SASAS. Where possible we have provided links to the actual reports, documents or publications.

SASAS-based contributions in HSRC Review

Since the establishment of SASAS in 2003, there has been an ongoing series of articles featured in HSRC Review (the most for any single research project) that draw on the analytical results of the survey series. This has been achieved through a concerted effort to ensure that the ‘voice of the people' is heard by decision makers and is used as a source of evidence in making salient decisions relating to policy and programmatic interventions. 

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SASAS Related Books

The attitudes survey is not only deepening the understanding of our society but also serving as a resource for promoting critical debate and evidence-based policymaking and has resulted in the publication of a number of books.

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Select examples of other SASAS-based publications