The Time to Change Children's Dietary Habits Is Now, Say Experts at the Second Yoghurt Summit

CATEGORY: Population Health, Health Systems and Innovation
DATE: 6 September 2018

The Time to Change Children’s Dietary Habits Is Now, Say Experts at the Second Yoghurt Summit

On 4 September 2018, the Second Yoghurt Summit was held as a satellite symposium before the start of the Nutrition Congress 2018 in Muldersdrift. The theme of the summit, Realising Children’s Potential, connected the dots that the time to act is now to correct South Africa’s documented micronutrient deficiencies 1 and the energy excess that presents as overweight children. The purpose of the summit was clear: to review and evaluate the strength of current scientific knowledge regarding the health benefits of yoghurt, particularly in the capacity that good nutrition has in protecting children against future non-communicable disease. The summit, attended by 120 key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals, consisted of scientific exchanges by two international and two local speakers. The presenters reinforced the challenges, both direct and indirect, that healthcare professionals face in the ever-evolving science of nutrition.

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