More people die from diabetes in SA than from HIV, TB and malaria combined

CATEGORY: Population Health, Health Systems and Innovation
DATE: 7 November 2019
AUTHOR: Ebizradio

Recent statistics released by the International Diabetes Federation reveal shocking revelations that should be making front page news, stopping each and every one of us in our tracks – diabetes kills more people in South Africa than HIV, TB and malaria combined! Why? Because 1 in 2 people with diabetes is undiagnosed.

“Luckily, the solution is actually fairly simple: make an annual blood sugar test the norm,” says Bridget McNulty, co-founder of Sweet Life Diabetes Community and recognised voice of diabetes in South Africa. “Getting your blood sugar checked is a simple fingerpick test with immediate results. If it turns out you’re at risk of developing diabetes, the sooner you find out, the easier it is to manage.” If Type 2 diabetes is caught early enough, it is completely reversible.

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