Economic Performance and Development

Survey to help grow and develop tourism


We are conducting a survey of education and training providers operating in the tourism, hospitality and conservation sectors to understand what the role and contribution of this stakeholder group to skills development to ensure that workers in the sector are appropriately skilled.

SA's new urban agenda: Transformation or compensation?

One of the dilemmas at the heart of the new urban agenda globally is whether population
growth should be accommodated by extensive or intensive urban development. Both
approaches have gained support in South Africa in recent years, albeit in different parts of
government. The paper provides a critical and constructive assessment of what lies behind
these contrasting agendas. It considers the positive and negative features of mega-projects and
urban consolidation, with an emphasis on their implications for urban efficiency and social
justice. It concludes by stressing the need to reconcile these policies in order to avoid wasteful
duplication and damage.

Allocating farmland to rural women - new insights

Land reform in South Africa intends to redress racial imbalances with regard to ownership and access to land. On the surface, the various strategy documents also talk to transferring land to black women, the youth and the disabled. Tim Hart, Margaret Chandia and Peter Jacobs reason that some interesting patterns are emerging with respect to gender relations and land ownership driven by land reform.

Dr Peter Jacobs rated by the NRF

Dr Peter Jacobs of the Economic Performance and Development Research Programme (EPD), has received a C1 rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF).

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