Economic Performance and Development

Allocating farmland to rural women - new insights

Land reform in South Africa intends to redress racial imbalances with regard to ownership and access to land. On the surface, the various strategy documents also talk to transferring land to black women, the youth and the disabled. Tim Hart, Margaret Chandia and Peter Jacobs reason that some interesting patterns are emerging with respect to gender relations and land ownership driven by land reform.

Dr Peter Jacobs rated by the NRF

Dr Peter Jacobs of the Economic Performance and Development Research Programme (EPD), has received a C1 rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Call to upskill workers, and grow and develop tourism industry

The National Department of Tourism (NDT) is developing a new strategy for human resources advancement and needs your input.

EPD researchers at the frontier of new rural innovation research

Rural innovation studies are rapidly progressing in South Africa and atttracting significant funding from a variety of sources.

Two HSRC researchers receive excellent ratings

The NRF recently finalised researchers’ applications for rating and we are very pleased that two of our colleagues have received excellent ratings as a result of this process.

Report on the Save the Children's Early Childhood Development (ECD) Forums Impact Assessment Study 2014

The HSRC and Save the Children launched a report titled Early Childhood Development (ECD) Forums Impact Assessment Study 2014; Early Childhood Development Forums - Telling the Good Story: Networking to successfully enhance outcomes for young children.

Urbanisation in Africa, Prof Ivan Turok shares his thoughts

In this episode of In Focus we explore urbanisation in Africa with Prof. Ivan Turok, the Executive Director of the Economic Performance and Development, Human Sciences Research Council (EPD-HSRC).

Shattering the global silence on poverty and hunger

On at least a quarterly basis the Taylor and Francis Routledge Development Studies publisher allows scholars and researchers free access to selected key journal articles focusing on a vital topic at the time.

Causes / consequences of hidden hunger and strategies to combat it

EPD Intern Presents at 2nd International Congress on Hidden Hunger
Kgabo Ramoroka, a PhD intern in EPD recently won a highly-competitive scholarship to participate at the “2nd International Congress on Hidden Hunger”. The conference took place in Stuttgart, Germany, from 3-6 March 2015 and is viewed as a frontier knowledge exchange event on food and nutrition security.

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