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Setswana speakers get boost with early-grade learning intervention

A research project to improve early learning for Setswana children during the foundation phase of schooling, kick-started in February this year.

Verification of the 2014 Annual National Assessment

12 December 2014  | Latest News  | Education and Skills Development

An analysis of the data collected to verify the 2014 Annual National Assessment (ANA), showed that with a few exceptions, the ANA results are consistent with the verification results, which is good news for confirming the quality of the assessments of learners in grades 3, 6 and 9. An HSRC team reported on the verification findings at the national and provincial level and for the subject areas of mathematics, home language and first additional language.

Informing the development of a 'credible institutional mechanism for skills planning'

2014 has started in an exciting and productive way for the LMIP. Research teams are hard at work, gathering and analysing data and preparing to disseminate findings during the course of the year. Already, rich insights and evidence are starting to emerge and will be crucial to informing the development of a ‘credible institutional mechanism for skills planning’ to which the Department of Higher Education and Training has committed itself.

Local languages for Global Citizenship: Spotlight on Science

21 February 2014  | Education and Skills Development

An NGO, Literacy and Basic Adult Education (LABE), working in the North West Nile and Northern Uganda after 30 years of civil conflict, including the atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony, has developed a holistic strategy for rebuilding communities and implementing government education policy.

How universities may contribute to innovation for inclusive development

17 January 2014  | Education and Skills Development

Interaction between universities and marginalised communities around innovation activities that create or protect livelihoods, are rare in South Africa. Glenda Kruss and Michael Gastrow reports on preliminary results of a study on how universities may contribute to innovation for inclusive development.

Improving teaching and learning through the SA Annual National Assessment

In this policy brief, we argue for a policy direction to develop a culture of formative assessment through what we term ANA Professional Development (ANA_PD) programmes. 

This policy brief has provided a vision of how a large-scale assessment such as ANA can support and improve teaching and learning. The challenges inherent in using the analyses from ANA data in informing school improvement policies and strategies are acknowledged. Through this policy brief, it is argued that large-scale assessment, when directly linked to formative assessment, has the potential to significantly improve learning. The link of ANA to formative assessment practices, as outlined in Action Plan to 2014: Towards the Realisation of Schooling in 2025, is therefore a welcome proposition.

Relationships drive success in the land redistribution process

The land redistribution process remains one of South Africa’s key socio-economic processes aimed at economic transformation.

Research conducted in northern KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) municipal districts regarding land redistribution cases involving sugarcane farms, indicated that when stakeholders in redistribution cases were party to some medium- to long-term agreements or relationships, and cooperated within some legally binding framework, the redistribution process resulted in relatively greater levels of success, writes Nhlanhla Mbatha.

Where 'whole language' literacy and 'communicative' language teaching fail

Research data of learners in ‘less’ developed countries indicate that few students meet desired outcomes when the whole language and communicative approaches dominate. The data also shows that it is necessary to reconfigure how teaching happens in countries where English is not the most widely spoken language, Kathleen Heugh argued at an HSRC seminar.

Minister launches Labour Market Intelligence project

7 September 2012  | Latest News  | Education and Skills Development

Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande launched the Labour Market Intelligence Partnership (LMIP) project, which is being led by the HSRC, in Pretoria this morning. The project will be the basis for excellence in education and skills and a growing economy for all.

Labour Market Intelligence Research Project

Research teams across the HSRC, representatives of public and private research organisations, universities and government departments convened for a workshop in Centurion to flesh out the approach to be employed in undertaking the comprehensive Labour Market Intelligence Research Project, commissioned by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

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