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Opening address - Inaugural Restitution Conference, Castle of Good Hope

10 November 2016  | Latest News  | Human and Social Development

The first even restitution conference in South Africa was hosted by the HSRC.

The conference was attended by 320 people from 46 organisations which included civil society groups as well as universities.

Restitution: Something for everyone

12 October 2016  | Latest News  | Human and Social Development

The first ever conference on restitution to be held in South Africa takes place in November 2016. What sets this event apart from others, is its all-encompassing focus on restitution as symbolic, material (land, wealth, education) and practical (skills sharing, mentoring).

Children in South African Families - Lives and Times

28 September 2016  | Human and Social Development

This book presents a comprehensive overview of African children's lives in times of transition, transformation, and change some twenty-two years after political emancipation in South Africa.

Edited by Monde Makiwane, Mzikazi Nduna and Nene Ernest Khalema

This book will be released soon.

Exclusive breastfeeding and early stimulation linked to children's later success

22 June 2016  | Latest News  | Human and Social Development

HSRC researcher involved in Canadian Government-funded “Saving Brains” research which finds: Babies exclusively breastfed to six months old half as likely to have later conduct disorders; Enriched play/stimulation to age 2 creates brighter 4-year-olds.

Durban Homelessness Census: 4 000 very different people in the streets and shelters


Close to 4 000 people live on the street and in formal homeless shelters in the central Durban area, of which approximately 85% are male. A census conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in partnership with and funded by the eThekwini Municipality’s  Safer Cities Unit in February 2016,  found 1 959 persons living on the street and 1 974 persons living in formal  shelters.

Two HSRC researchers receive excellent ratings

The NRF recently finalised researchers’ applications for rating and we are very pleased that two of our colleagues have received excellent ratings as a result of this process.

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