New book from HSRC Press: State of the Nation: South Africa 2012-2013

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  • The HSRC Press flagship publication State of the Nation due for release again in 2013
  • This issue is sub-titled: Addressing Inequality and Poverty
  • A retrospective on the 2012 ANC conference in Mangaung
  • Cutting-edge analysis and data on inequality and its links to poverty
  • Insightful reflections by scholars on one of the most significant watershed years in South Africa since 1994

New from HSRC, the sixth edition of the State of the Nation series:

Between 2003 and 2008, the HSRC published its annual flagship publication, State of the Nation. Since the launch of the first edition, the series has captured the attention of public intellectuals, scholars, policymakers and the media in South Africa and abroad. Internationally, the series has been acclaimed as one of the most in-depth and important independent analyses of the national agenda through the lens of the South African political, economic and social context, and has been selected by university departments across the world as prescribed or highly recommended reading.

In view of its historically high demand and the need for vibrant national and continental debates, the HSRC will relaunch this authoritative publication in 2013. The new edition, State of the Nation 2012–2013, will continue to stimulate contemporary debates on key issues in a significant way, helping to shape public knowledge, policies, political actions and individual and collective decisions. The new edition will offer diverse angles on inequality and poverty in South Africa in one compelling and comprehensive collection.

This is the sixth in the State of the Nation series from the HSRC Press. In each volume the themes tell the story of a nation grappling with its identity as a new democracy. The first issue focused on ten years of democracy, the second on president Mbeki’s term of office, the third on the extent to which South Africa could be considered a developmental state, the fourth on the functional and developmental issues of the ANC, and the fifth on the issue of uncertain democracy, elite fragmentation and the disintegration of ‘nationalist consensus’.

Each edition was designed and written as a reflection of critical, contemporary, research-based issues, providing analysis and data that have not only relevance but also lasting value. Across the world, many scholars, academics, policymakers and general readers still look to these editions as frames of reference for South African current affairs and the pathways forward. The sixth volume in this internationally acclaimed series is devoted to the theme of inequality and its link to poverty.

State of the Nation: South Africa 2012–2013 offers 32 diverse angles on poverty and inequality in contemporary South Africa in one compelling and comprehensive collection. Five sections deal with politics, economics, society, health and environment, and the global context, each starting with an introduction followed by chapters which analyse burning issues and highlight long-term and recent trends, with a focus on policies and practice. The indepth analyses deal with ideology and modern and traditional leadership; the role of national, provincial and local government in poverty alleviation; development, economic growth, employment creation and housing; the media; social cohesion; HIV and AIDS; the proposed National Health Insurance; Millennium Development Goals; climate change; regionalism and continental power relations; South African security interventions in Africa; Chinese in South Africa; and the impact of global economics on South Africa.

This book presents:

  • A retrospective on the 2012 ANC conference in Mangaung
  • Cutting-edge analysis and data on inequality and its links to poverty
  • Insightful reflections by scholars on one of the most significant watershed years in South Africa since 1994
  • A definitive bridge between evidence-based, longitudinal studies and compelling narratives
  • Critical views on the country that will challenge understanding of current affairs in South Africa
  • The research reference for the next decade
  • Also available as an e-book

Book details

  • State of the Nation: South Africa 2012–2013: Addressing Inequality and Poverty edited by
    Udesh Pillay, Gerard Hagg, Francis Nyamnjoh, Jonathan D Jansen EAN: 9780796924223
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