BRICS Research Centre think tank for SA's contribution to T20 meeting

“The HSRC`s BRICS Research Centre (BRC) has become the think tank for South Africa`s contribution to the T20 conference meeting taking place in Berlin on 12/13 May 2016”, says Dr Jaya Josie, the head of the BRC.

Dr Josie will be representing the HSRC at the T20 meeting. To make the G20 summit more representative of world inputs, the G20 organising committee have invited countries in the developing world Egypt, Kazakhstan, Spain, Singapore, Laos and Senegal to take part in the full program of the summit as guest countries.

The G20 committee will host supporting events such as the B20 Summit, the L20 Meeting, the Y20 Meeting, the W20 Meeting and the T20 Meeting mainly provide input to the voices of sectors across  society, in turn making the Hangzhou G20 Summit in September,  more inclusive, by garnering broad popularity for G20 cooperation.

The T20 Conference meeting is part of the official programme of the three Chinese think tanks mandated by government to lead the process during the country`s G20 Presidency. The specific aim of the conference is aligned with the focus of SIIS during the T20 process, namely the responsibilities of the G20 for the developing world.

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