The impact of hearing loss: Dealing with silence and noise

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Hearing loss is not simply a medical matter, but more a communication impairment with social ramifications that have a significant impact on your personal life and career. Tim Hart, a senior research project manager at the HSRC, spoke to the HSRC Review about the sacrifices and positive choices that he has made to live with profound hearing disability.

He is completely deaf in his right ear and has very limited hearing in his left where he wears a hearing aid. Therefore, Tim Hart tries to place colleagues on his left side when they talk. “However, when some see the hearing device, an entertaining shuffle ensues. I try to get them to talk into my left ear, but they only want to talk into the ear without the hearing aid, wrongly assuming that it is the functioning ear,” he describes the interaction.

Read the full article about our HSRC colleague who has built a successful career in research management: Tim Hart.

The HSRC Review of October-December 2017 had a strong focus on #disability. Read the publication here.

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