LMIP releases first major skills planning report

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) was commissioned by Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to study the dynamics of skills supply and demand in order to inform skills policy in South Africa.

The South African labour force is made up of 15 million employed and 7.5 million unemployed people. Three quarters of the employed and 90% of the unemployed are from the African population group. Unemployment is also particularly high amongst youth (15 to 34 years) and this is increasing as more young people join the labour force. The education level and skill base of the labour force is lower than that of many other productive economies.  Of the employed population, 20% has a tertiary qualification, 32% has completed secondary education, and close to half of the workforce do not have a grade 12 certificate. Sixty percent of the unemployed has less than a grade 12 certificate. This translates to 11.75 million of the labour force with less than a grade 12 certificate.

Read more about the key findings and download the report here.

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Ramona van der Merwe Says:18 November 2016
Please send me the LMIP Skills Supply & Demands report.
Dikela Says:1 November 2016
I would like a copy of the full report. I am looking for information giving details of capacity and performance of the engineering edication and skills system in SA, institution by institution both public and private. It would to get a report with international comparisons and an appraisal of whether we are headed in the right direction.
Nong TW Says:13 October 2016
South Africa has educational and skills developmental infrastructural problem which need more interventions to lay a concrete foundation which will ensure that children from early learning are capacitated with skills which will enhance self-identification and later the right career choice which I see as the most problematic area of development