Encouraging progress in the national HIV and behaviour study

With only two months into South Africa’s National HIV & Behaviour Survey, teams of field workers collecting behavioural survey data and blood samples across the country have reported “an encouraging response rate from the public,” according to Professor Leickness Simbayi, Deputy CEO for Research at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and overall Principal Investigator of the study.

The study started briefly in December in KwaZulu-Natal, in January in Western Cape and Gauteng, and finally in February and March in the rest of the provinces, targeting 60 000 randomly but scientifically selected individuals across the country. By the end of April, the study had been completed in one fifth (20%) of the 1,457 Small Area Layers (SALs) spread across the nine provinces. We thank the many South Africans whose households were randomly pre-selected to participate and their families have gladly accepted to answer the socio-behavioural survey questions and also offered a few drops of blood for HIV testing.

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The Kwaggafontein team out in the field.

The results of this household survey are dependent on both the information gathered from the completion of the questionnaires as well as the provision of a blood sample.

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