TARMII - A teaching tool for enhancing Literacy Assessment


We intend to evaluate TARMII_fp through a quasi experimental design where 20 schools within each of our four participating provinces with our proposed program would be matched to 20 control schools. Through propensity score matching (psm) statistical procedures, schools with the TARMII_fp would be matched with schools in the control group with similar characteristics so that any changes or an improvement in teacher classroom assessment practices and their learners? reading achievement could be attributed to the our proposed program. Our analysis would also determine if the impact of our program depend on school and background characteristics (such as gender) of teachers and learners. We intend to use data from the Annual National Assessment (ANA) to track improvement in learners? reading skills attributable to TARMII_fp. This link with ANA would also ensure the continuous evaluation of the program. The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) would be responsible for this research. With excellent research management systems and highly experienced and qualified research expertise, the HSRC is positioned to deliver the services required to achieve the expected goals for this research program. We look forward to working with the USAID in this innovative project that has the potential to make a major positive impact in teacher assessment practices in the foundation phase and the improvement of their learners? development in literacy.