Probitas: Cities support Programme

STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Van der Bergh, GM (Mr Gray), Turok, IN (Prof. Ivan), Watani, H (Ms Manana)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Booysen, AS (Ms Denise), Ndlovu, MP (Mr Phumlani), Mento, S.Q. (Ms Shari), Borel-Saladin, J.M. (Ms Jacqueline)


The main purpose of this study is to equip the metros with the knowledge of what???s involved in pursuing urban integration, and the practical capabilities to translate that learning into meaningful policy instruments, policies and programmes that begin to transform current development trajectories. To achieve this there are several objectives: 1. Formulating focused city-level strategies and investment plans towards the built environment that deliberately align housing, transport, land-use and economic decisions within a long-term vision of a better future ??? Cities Institutional Support Plan (CISP). 2. Strengthening of civic leadership and engagement with local communities, the private sector and other stakeholders in order to channel their energies in common and constructive directions. 3. Identification of changes at national level required to facilitate city-level transformation and enhanced metro performance, including to the design of national policies and programmes, financial instruments, legislation, institutional practices and inter-governmental cooperation. 4. City-level experiences of urban planning and development, coupled with the know-how and evidence of good practice drawn from national and international sources and experience requires peer group learning and exchange of experience supported through dedicated electronic networks, special events and an annual conference. 5. The monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the CISP This is a 24-month study that explores these objectives through organisational needs analyses concentrating on policy guiding principles, operational functionality and capacity building requirements. Operational functionality is largely determined by the other two workflows.