SAHARA Shared for Africa

STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Toefy, M.Y. (Mr Yoesrie)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Andrews, G.V. (Dr Gail), Pheiffer, M.W. (Ms Tilla), Pheiffer, M.W. (Ms Tilla)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Social Aspects of Public Health (SAPH)


The HSRC established an alliance of partners to conduct, support and use Social Sciences Research to prevent the further spread of HIV and mitigate the impact of it. SAHARA is a vehicle for facilitating the sharing of research expertise, sharing knowledge, conducting multi-site, multi-country research that are intervention based with the explicit aim of generating new social science evidence.

The SHARED initiative will be used as a technological mechanism to enable users to make a positive impact on HIV, AIDS, TB and Malaria

The objective in creating the AFROAIDSINFO/SAHARA web portal and database is to provide access to comprehensive information on current HIV prevention activities to:

  • assist front-line workers in the development and delivery of high-quality, effective HIV prevention programs;
  • share knowledge (including lessons learned) and improve coordination of prevention activities, especially in Sub-Saharan countries;
  • accurately identify and maintain current information on the breadth and scope of African HIV prevention initiatives operating in communities across the continent, and
  • help identify strengths and opportunities in African prevention activities.