Research studies within the area of HIV in the world of work

STATUS: Completed
PROJECT LEADER:Phaswana-Mafuya, MN (Prof. Nancy)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Tassiopoulos, D (Dr Dimitri), Hoosain, EY (Dr Ebrahim), Nyawane, CL (Ms Lebo), Weihs, ME (Dr Martin), Davids, AS (Mr Adlai)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Human and Social Capabilities (HSC)
RESEARCH OUTPUTS: What works in HIV and AIDS and the world of work initiatives in South Africa


HIV and AIDS has been declared a focal area of the South African-German development cooperation 2011 with the Multi-sector HIV Prevention Programme (MHIVP) of GIZ South Africa focusing particularly on the prevention of HIV and AIDS in the world of work (GIZ South Africa, 2014). Specifically, MHIVP endeavours to identify good practices focusing on HIV prevention, which could also serve as an evidence-based foundation for future planning (ibid). The Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance (SAHARA) of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) is proposing to collaborate with GIZ (MHIVP) to fulfil the mutual mandate of identifying good practices in HIV and AIDS and the world of work that could inform future national programming and policies. The proposed research on good practices is not a new research area for SAHARA; it is rather one of the key research activities that SAHARA is currently engaged in. It is proposed that the current SAHARA/HSRC research on good practices is expanded in collaboration with GIZ and the appointed Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) Integrated Expert.