STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Wabiri, MN (Dr Njeri)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Cloete, A (Dr Allanise), Nyawane, CL (Ms Lebo)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Social Aspects of Public Health (SAPH)


OBJECTIVES OF THE IBBS The main objective of the study is to assess the vulnerability of FSWs and MSM to HIV/AIDS, TB and STIs. Specifically, it will do the following: 1 Estimate the population size of MSM and FSWs across Maseru, Leribe, Mafeteng and Butha Buthe districts. 2.Evaluate the risk state for HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and TB among MSM and FSW, including individual and environmental risk factors. Notably: 2.1 Describe the characteristics of the MSM and FSWs populations. 2.2 Identify sexual behaviours, including number and type of sexual partners and frequency of condom use, among MSM and FSWs. 2.3 Assess the reproductive health of MSM and FSWs. 2.4 Determine the extent and severity of stigma felt by MSM and FSWs, with special reference to human rights violations experienced by members of these populations. 2.5 Assess the knowledge of HIV/AIDS, TB and STIs among MSM and FSWs as well as exposure to prevention and treatment interventions. 2.6 Identify HIV, TB and STI prevention needs among MSM and FSWs, including challenges to accessing health services, prevention and treatment services, and insights for adapting awareness messages. 2.7 Estimate the prevalence of HIV, TB, Hepatitis B and syphilis among MSM and FSWs. 3 Estimate the rate of TB infection among MSM and FSW living with HIV.