African Same-Sex Sexualities and Gender Diversity: Practices, Identities and Communities

STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Reddy, V. (Prof Vasu)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Reddy, D (Ms Deshanie), Ngcobo, AS (Ms Sibongile)
RESEARCH OUTPUTS: African same-sex sexualities and gender-diversity: an introduction
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The aim of this project is to identify and celebrate indigenous and evolving male and female same-sex sexual practices, identities and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, including expressions of gender diversity, and to promote their social acceptance and their physical and social well-being.

To explore how social and structural factors affect the well-being and health of persons engaging in same-sex sexual practices or with gender diverse backgrounds and identify ways of enabling the social environment and reducing vulnerability. The in-depth scope of the conference will be further elucidated in the list of topics that we will use to elicit conference contributions.

To promote understanding and further study of male and female same-sex sexual practices, identities and communities, including expressions of gender diversity, in sub-Saharan Africa.

To promote understanding of social and structural prejudice towards sexual and gender diversity and strategies to address this prejudice.

To support capacity building in research and advocacy and to strengthen the development of MSM/WSW/transgendered communities. Health issues, including HIV/AIDS and issues of vulnerability will be included in the conference as a sub-theme within the larger focus.