South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS)

STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Roberts, BJ (Dr Benjamin), Struwig, J (Ms Jare)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Govender, K (Ms Koshen), Mamba, BM (Ms Busi), Gordon, SL (Dr Steven)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery (DGSD)
RESEARCH OUTPUTS: Actions to promote family wellbeing and cohesion in South Africa, Looking good on paper: a qualitative study of ballot paper design and political party identification in South Africa, Assessing service delivery: public perception of municipal service delivery in South Africa, South African social attitudes: family matters: family cohesion, values and strengthening to promote wellbeing, Patterns of alcohol consumption in South Africa: implications of harmful drinking for families, Intergenerational consensus within families, Filial responsibility and caring for the aging, South African public opinion on family rights for lesbians and gay men: entry points for activism and interventions, Introduction, Families and children: actions to promote family well-being and cohesion in South Africa, The best and worst times of life for South Africans: evidence of universal reference standards in evaluations of personal well-being using Bernheim's ACSA, Perceptions of retirement adequacy: evidence from South Africa, Quantifying unmet need for hypertension care in South Africa through a care cascade: evidence from the SANHANES, 2011-2012, Voting then, voting now: the long-term consequences of participation in South Africa's first democratic election, Understanding semantic differential measures in modern South Africa: attitudes of black Africans towards white South Africans, Happiness, socioeconomic status, and family functioning in South African households: a structural equation modelling approach, Understanding hostility towards so-called "barbarians": a quantitative analysis of public attitudes towards foreign nationals in post-apartheid South Africa. Doctoral thesis, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Protest blues: public opinion on the policing of protest in South Africa, Minding the protest: attitudes towards different forms of protest action in contemporary South Africa, Fostering an inclusive development agenda in South Africa: citizen voices and government policy responses
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SASAS programme is longitudinal study that aims to chart and explain the interaction between the country's changing institutions, its political and economic structures, and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of its diverse populations.

During 2003, the HSRC undertook its first, new longitudinal national survey of public opinion on a range of issues including democarcy and elections, national priorities, gender and generational issues, poverty, communications, social identities, moral issues, education and health and other public service delivery issues. The survey built on the foundations of the HSRC's studies of public opinion that had been conducted since the 1980s.

The intention is to conduct this new form of conceptually and methodologically robust survey annually, to cater for the needs of HSRC researchers and external clients and to provide for research design needs of an ad hoc, cross sectional and panel nature. The 2004 survey will repeat several others that will run every second or third year.