HSRC CASS Project: Chinese Presence in South Africa & South African Presence in China: Phase II


In 2011 an HSRC research team collaborated with a CASS research team on the first phase of a project on Chinese in South Africa/South Africans in China. The HSRC team conducted a pilot study, with a focus on the Chinese presence in Pretoria. This research gave rise to the report Bodies that Divide: Tracing the social role of associations in Chinese communities in Pretoria, South Africa as well as several other research outputs. A joint report that includes the Chinese part of the research is currently in the process of being published by CASS???s China Press in Chinese. For this second phase of the project, the HSRC team will lead a project that focuses on the Chinese presence in Africa, which includes the Chinese presence in Cape Town, Luanda (Angola) and Lagos (Nigeria), while the CASS team will conduct research on Africans living in China.