Governance Index Implementation Plan

STATUS: Current
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Govender, K (Ms Koshen), Davids, YD (Dr Derek), Bohler, N (Prof. Narnia), Shanker, TR (Ms Tanya), Houston, GF (Dr Gregory), Kanyane, MH (Prof. Barwa), Mamba, BM (Ms Busi), Zikhali, T (Ms Thobekile), Nomdo, AC (Ms Amarone), Chetty, K (Mr Krish), Pienaar, GD (Adv Gary), Hagg, G (Dr Gerard), Sanchez Betancourt, DC (Ms Diana), Mdlongwa, ET (Mr Thabani), Raseala, PS (Mr Promise), Ntola, SY (Mr Yamkela), Gordon, SL (Dr Steven)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Developmental, Capable and Ethical State (DCES)


The HSRC seeks to develop a Good Governance Index for South Africa that would operate as a policy monitoring instrument and a tool for generating evidence in support of improved management practices as well as strengthened internal monitoring and self-evaluation capacity. The vision is to take a whole-of-society approach that incorporates the state, the government, the private sector and civil society with the potential aim of initiating joint/mutual assessment of key governance indicators in each sector. The vision is ambitious and in order to ensure the development of a sustainable Index, the DGSD is proposing a three phase Index Elaboration process using identified seed funding from the HSRC to begin the first phase.