Survey on Career Pathing and development of Women as part of promoting Gender Mainstreaming in the Electoral Commission of south Africa


Recent deliberations by the Commissioners of the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) raised concerns that very few women apply for and /or are appointed to senior positions within the election management body. As a result, the Research and Knowledge Management directorate of the IEC was requested to conduct scientific research into the reasons why women are reluctant to apply for advertised senior level positions. Women often take the lead and initiate change in their own local communities, yet they remain under-represented in most areas of public decision-making. The Commission's recruitment statistics shows that there is a decline in the number of women who apply for management positions in the Commission. The study therefore seeks to: - Understand the perceived barriers to the advancement of women into management position - Understand the reasons for the decline in the number of applications from women for management positions - Determine the effectiveness of recruiting, retaining, and developing women executives - Inform the Commission on what should be done to encourage participation and support more women to be at management level - Advise on how barriers can be removed and to assist with the design of a career pathing programme Overall, the survey aims to enhance career pathing and development of women as part of promoting gender mainstreaming in the electoral commission of South Africa.