State of Social Cohesion and Nation-building in South Africa

STATUS: Completed
PROJECT LEADER:Houston, GF (Dr Gregory)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Govender, K (Ms Koshen), Davids, YD (Dr Derek), Bohler, N (Prof. Narnia), Stanfield, JH (Prof. John), Krishnan, EM (Ms Estelle), Masiya, T (Dr Tyanai), Wentzel, ME (Ms Marie), Viljoen, J (Mr ), Pienaar, GD (Adv Gary), Ntola, SY (Mr Yamkela), Steyn Kotze, J (Prof. Joleen), Gordon, SL (Dr Steven)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Developmental, Capable and Ethical State (DCES)


The primary objective of this project is to prepare the draft and final reports for the Working Group on social cohesion and nation-building. A draft framework for the report has been developed, and the Working Group has developed critical questions that should guide the process of writing the report. These include several trigger points that make social cohesion possible and what inhibits it. There are also critical issues such as the nature of nation building and what makes it possible. The material to be sourced ??? public hearings, submissions, minutes of Working Group meetings, papers presented at the roundtables, etc. ??? consist of both qualitative and quantitative material, including a community survey and public attitudes survey. The process involves various stages in which the Working Group will review the draft report and make inputs that lead to a final report.