DST Human and Social Dynamics Seminars

STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Du Plessis, HM (Dr Hester)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Roscigno, C (Mrs Carolina), Botopela, EN (Ms Ella), Grossberg, AC (Ms Arlene), Solomon, EH (Ms Happy)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Impact Centre (IC), Impact Centre (PRESS), Impact Centre (CC)


Disseminate scientific research findings and transmit a body of new knowledge (through an iterative process of critical dialogue and collegial critique) to the social sciences and humanities research community (rather than the policy community). Provide an arena for high profile researchers, including researchers from rural-based universities, to present and discuss new and ongoing research, identify research gaps, and suggest new research agendas in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) with a view to forging closer links between the research communities in these fields. Reinforce the visibility of SSH research to the higher education and science council sector. Enhance wider public understanding