Economic Performance and Development

Exploring bold economic ideas, opening up new development paths


We have a deep understanding of key economic processes and outcomes:

  • Sectoral and spatial change - we have studied the implications of economic restructuring and corporate reorganisation for productivity, employment and social inclusion
  • City economies and labour markets - we are leading experts on the interactions between localised economic growth, migration, settlement choices and transport in order to develop more productive and inclusive cities and towns
  • Sustainable rural development - we have proven expertise on the relationships between agriculture, land reform and food security in order to strengthen rural economies and communities
  • Job creation and livelihoods - we have firsthand knowledge of the ‘how, why and what’ of sustainable employment generation, including the benefits of alternative policy approaches
  • Developmental social policy - we have experience of designing and monitoring programmes to improve the ‘social wage’, raise food security, alleviate poverty, revitalise run-down areas and strengthen social protection
  • Impact of different stakeholders - we have undertaken studies to evaluate the role of the private sector as well as different parts of the state in the economy. We have also participated directly in development partnerships at local and regional levels.

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