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The HSRC Research Data Service provides a digital repository facility for the HSRC's research data in support of evidence based human and social development in South Africa and the broader region. Access to data is dependent on ethical requirements for protecting research participants, as well as on legal agreements with the owners, funders or in the case of data owned by the HSRC, the requirements of the depositors of the data. We facilitate data use by preparing comprehensive metadata and disseminating data and related documents to appropriate target audiences. Data sharing is subject to an End User License agreement. Data sets from the following projects have been curated and are available for use:

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Research data: NAMIBIA

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2016 What works to achieve good outcomes in HIV and AIDS workplace initiatives: Namibia country report

This report brings together practical examples of workplaces that have made a difference in achieving good outcomes through their HIV and AI...

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2016 Dialogue education as an approach to multiculturalism for social cohesion in Namibia

The paper explores approaches to cultural diversity and its relation to the concept of social cohesion in the context of a multicultural sch...

2016 Namibian national survey of research and experimental development: analysis and statistical report: 2013/14

The data contained in this report is important as it helps in understanding the size and shape of the Namibia R&D landscape and their use in...

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2013 Robust estimates of changes in poverty and inequality in post-independence Namibia

We estimate changes in the distribution of household consumption expenditure in Namibia since independence in 1990 and the effects on povert...